Dave Herzog

I’ve been to several local shows. Savage Entertainment has the best show I’ve seen. The match ups are even match ups. The fighters seem to give 100% effort. I’ve attended four shows at Savage Entertainment and have yet to see a match that I felt wasn’t appropriate for both fighters. It has made for great competition. Atmosphere is good too. It’s a good time and I will continue to attend events.

Dave Herzog

( MMA Enthusiast )

Other Testimonials

Two fights in a row now, the best cards I have seen in Minnesota!

Nick Vogel

( Minnesota Commissioned MMA Judge )

Savage fights are the best matched fights in Minnesota

Ross Ogden

( Minnesota Commissioned MMA Referee )

Savage Entertainment has quickly become one of the premiere shows in town, as the last three events at Neisen’s have all been fantastic. I have yet to see a bad fight on any of their shows, and they go out of their way to keep the matchmaking even.

Kyle Shiely

( Star Tribune MMA Blogger and Minnesota Commissioned MMA Judge )